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We Support the Initiative to Minimise Use of Psychotropic Medications with STOMPOZ.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

STOMP is a United Kingdom’s NHS initiative, which stands for Stopping Over Medication of People with learning disability, Autism or both. STOMPOZ is an initiative with the same intention of stopping over prescription and over use of psychotropic medications in Australia.

On the 21st of march 2022, the Aged Care Quality and Safeguards Commission ACQSC, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission NDISQSC and the Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in Health Care ACQSHC released a joint statement. While they acknowledge proper use of psychotropic medications, they also raised some concerns regarding their over prescription and over use among people with disabilities and the elderly. The trio have shown leadership and collaboration in their intent to work together towards reducing inappropriate use of Psychotropic medications.

As Welcome Care Services, we pledge our support to the initiative for preventing over use of Psychotropic medications.

  • We are inspired and encouraged by both the joint statement by ACQSHC, AQSC, NDISQSC and the STOMPOZ initiative. We see the joint statement as three quality and safeguards organisations, leading by example, by collaborating to find ways of solving a common problem.

  • STOMPOZ presents an opportunity for us to collaborate with others, learn with and from others and strengthen our capability to play a meaningful role in rectifying the problem.

  • Our position is one of taking responsibility and taking action, by doing that which is right (Best practice) to help solve the problem, within our sphere of influence. At all times avoiding blame on one person or one group of people. We see ourselves together with all stakeholders involved, as part of the solution.

  • We are a service delivery organisation, behaviours of concern occur in the environment that we operate, as such we have opportunity to influence change in behaviour.

  • Our commitment is to continue working with prescribers, behaviour support planners, family members and advocates to create awareness about this important issue remains in place.

  • We also take responsibility to:

    • Train our staff with knowledge about medical conditions medications, policy and procedure so that they can support people with disabilities, older people and their families in making informed decisions about their medication use.

    • We do take our role in administering medications, monitoring for side effects, reporting on adverse effects as well as arranging timely review.

We stand ready to play our part in tackling this public health challenge. A collaborative approach, where all stakeholders are treated with respect is in our view, the best way forward.

For anyone who is currently on psychotropic medications, or have a loved one on these medications, it is important that you do not change the way you are currently taking your medication. If you have any questions please speak to the one who prescribed the medication.

You can learn more about Inter Professional Learning here.

You can access more information on UK STOMP networks by following link below .

To read more about STOMPOZ

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