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Contact us

If you would like us to contact us for any other reason please call us on the number provided.

You can also leave us a message here

Feedback and complaints

Welcome Care Services  appreciates your feedback about our service. The information you provide will assist us to make continuous  improvements in the way we provide supports.
It is our commitment at Welcome Care Services to ensure that any person or organisation using Welcome Care Services or affected by its operations has the right to lodge a complaint or to appeal a decision of the organisation. All concerns that are raised will be addressed in ways that ensure access and equity, fairness, accountability and transparency. 
Once your complaint is received, our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to address the issue of concern.

Incident report

In the event of an incident occurring, please complete this form as soon as possible. Welcome Care Services wants to assist you as quickly as possible in the event of an incident. One of the senior members of our team will contact you about the incident as soon as possible.


Welcome Care Services is committed to ensuring that everyone who approaches the organisation for service is assisted either with access to the service or with an alternative strategy that addresses their needs. Intake or eligibility criteria will be inclusive of the widest possible group of people who may need to access the service and will comply with South Australia and Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination legislation requirements. 
Currently Welcome Care Services is providing  supports to self and plan managed NDIS participants.

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