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Flexible, Client driven, Client focused

Welcome Care Services offers personalised support to individuals, addressing their unique needs and empowering them to achieve their goals, ultimately improving their independence, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Our Commitment. 

  • To Provide  timely, high quality, person centred Disability and  Aged Care  Supports for You or your loved ones.​

  • To partner with you and make sure the support we give you helps you achieve your goals, and that your choices and preferences are taken into consideration, when planning, delivering and reviewing supports.

  • To make sure our team is always ready to step in and provide the support needed, whether it's a helping hand with daily tasks, emotional support, or specialized care. ​

  • We prioritise safety and quality, adhering to the highest standards of care, best evidence and professionalism. ​ 

Why people choose us?

We're well-prepared and always ready to provide the support or care you need. Our staff are well trained and equipped to deliver appropriate supports. These can range from transport, house cleaning, personal care, assistance with medication, nursing care, behavior support etc.

Through our person centered approach, our focus is on you as an individual. We conduct comprehensive assessments, co-design your care plan in partnership with you. Making sure that our supports are tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. Your care plan is periodically reviewed to ensure that as your situation changes, so too, the supports.

Quality and safety come first, where your wellbeing is our top priority. Our learning and development program, influenced by Inter-professional learning is vital to staff development delivery of quality supports, and compliance with regulatory requirements.  Staff have access to relevant training, policies and procedures to ensure they deliver high quality supports.

We are results oriented, always working towards positive outcomes for you and your family/significant others. We always seek to know from you, whether or not the intended outcome is achieved.

As we deliver supports, we make sure we do so promptly and as you need. We are there to help 24/7. We are flexible too, if you need to reschedule dates or time, all you need to do is contact us.

Contact Us

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